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Acting is largely classified into form and content. "When speaking of form, acting is largely composed of two elements. It is 'self-element' and 'intervention element'.


The self-element

refers to the body and voice, which are the direct means of expression of the actor, and the intervention element refers to various audiovisual elements


At its core

It is a makeup that people evaluate as a staff's work, and all the audiovisual elements of the play, from costumes to stage equipment and music, play a role of supplementing the actor's

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Character Construction

Analysis Attitude and Acting Behavior

When analyzing a line, it is good to mark it on the script. Make and mark your own recognizable signs or symbols. Make sure not to leave even the margin of the script empty.

For example, it is necessary to functionally decorate the script like a score in music, such as a word to be emphasized, a point to raise an accent, or to read off. In that way, you can see a good emotional line consistently when you act as acting.

Personality building and emotion creation are focused on the completion of character description, so it must be extracted and controlled very thoroughly, and the actor must embody it throughout his body through passion from various changes and burning beliefs. In particular, the emotions contained in the lines must be sufficiently expressed. The emotions expressed by the actor must be persuasive, emotional, and deeply moving.

Sound creation through role

The actor's expression of the constructed character is also an important skill, but the actor should vocalize so that the audience can immerse themselves in the play by placing a certain distance between the audience's preparation and adaptation to changes and inspiration time.

Eventually, this makes the audience and the actor uncomfortable with each other and creates a distance, which inevitably leads to a reduction in the aspect that can be shared with each other, and furthermore, the act of viewing and expression is cut off. Therefore, please remember this also as a skill to be careful of in the actor's acting expression.

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What's The Right Acting Class For You?

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Teaching Style

Finding any acting class is pretty simple for most aspiring actors, especially if you have an abundance of acting schools in your local area. Ultimately, the right acting class is one that aligns with your goals, interests, and learning style, while also providing a supportive and enriching environment for your growth as an actor.

Film Set

Location and Accessibility

Finding the right one that allows you to learn a lot, really improve your acting skills and express yourself to the fullest can be a whole different story if you don't find the right school or the right teacher! Although I believe that every experience teaches you something, I've seen many actors waste time and money in the wrong class.

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Audition or Trial Classes

I don't want you to waste time, money and effort on the wrong school or acting class, I want you to find the right one and right away! Here below are links to different pages that will help you take the guesswork out of finding the right acting school, teacher and class for you.

Acting Career Start-Up

Start your acting career easily and quickly without wasting valuable time!

While out auditioning, going to classes and in general interaction with my fellow actors, I have run into many brand new to the industry, who are confused by all the information offered.

I used to be one of them! There is so much information! Where do you start? And more importantly, who can you trust to give you good information that is really useful?

This blog was created by an actor, for actors new to 'the game' and will answer the questions you have and give you valuable advice on anything from how to start your acting career to how to prepare for an audition, from how to get the money for your classes to how to get an agent.

Acting Career Start-Up' is here to answer those questions and more!

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secrets to acting well

Turn off the radio broadcast in your head that you have to do well and whether you're doing well. The first commandment an actor must keep in order to 'do well' in acting is to draw the thoughts of 'being good at acting' and 'are you doing well?

First of all, do your best to practice abdominal breathing to raise your usual voice. You have to be loud in your usual voice to become a movie star. Microphones do not solve problems. Because you run out of energy, even if you capture your voice, you will eventually have problems.

Make sure you are ready for your first agent interview. Here are some things you definitely need to know about how to prepare for that and what to expect.

Practice speaking softly every day. Speaking softly is the core of 'film acting'. In other words, it refers to acting of 'naturalness' and 'comfort'. The camera wants the actor to 'look natural'. To be natural here refers to the camera, or the audience's standard, not the actor's position.

Identify and reflect on your usual attitude and feelings. What does attitude emotion mean? In the term of the K-methodology of my acting, it refers to the character's 'feeling', that is, the emotion that fits the intention of the time when I made the line. For example, it refers to the emotional attitude of a specific character, such as 'talking with sarcastic feelings', 'talking enthusiastically with a serious attitude', or 'talking upset but deliberately trying to hide it and speak calmly'.

Solve one line with one breath. This is the most emphasized in my individual acting lesson and is a common narrative among the Korean Wave stars and disciples I produced. Each line in a sentence should be released coolly with one breath, that is, one thought, one goal, and one emotion. Why? It is because cutting off the words while unnecessarily drawing a stopper on the line is likely to be the worst camera acting.

it requires a deep understanding of human nature, empathy, and the ability to tap into one's own emotions and experiences. Actors must be adept at interpreting scripts, understanding subtext, and embodying the physicality and mannerisms of their characters.

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